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teddy bear

Teddy Bear








  1. Animals:
    1. Tadpole, tapir, tarantula, tasmanian devil, terrier dog, tick, tiger, toad, tortoise, trout, turkey, and turtle.
    2. Draw pictures of the animals above.
    3. Name ten animals with tails.
    4. Name ten animals that are tame.
  2. Art:
    1. Make the letter T,t with Play Doe or clay.
    2. Make the letter T,t with toothpicks or other type of sticks.
    3. Make something with tape.
    4. Draw or paint with different tints.
    5. Make something with tissue paper.
    6. Make something tiny.
    7. Make something with a tool.
    8. Color something with one or more of the following colors: tan, tangelo, tangerine, taupe; tea-green or rose, teal blue, terra cotta, tiger’s eye, timber wolf, titanium yellow, tomato, turquoise, turquoise, and twilight lavender.
  3. Body:
    1. Tarsals, taste buds, teeth, tendons, thighs, throat, thumb, thyroid, tibia, toes, tongue, tonsil, tow-head, trachea, and triceps.
    2. Watch someone dance the tango.
    3. Watch someone tap dance.
    4. Brush tangled hair.
    5. Brush your teeth to prevent tartar.
  4. Food:
    1. Tangerine, tea, toast, tapioca, taro, toffee, tofu, tomato, tuna, turnip, and turkey.
    2. Look for the letter T,t in alphabet noodles, soup or cereal.
    3. Make the letter T,t with cookie doe.
    4. Make the letter T,t using a cooked spaghetti noodle.
    5. Draw the letter T,t in uncooked jello poured on a plate.
    6. Make tacos.
    7. How tall are you?
    8. Eat at the table.
    9. Use a tablespoon and a teaspoon.
    10. Cook with tap water.
    11. Taste food.
    12. Use a toothpick.
    13. Use tongs to pick up food.
    14. Taste a treat.
    15. Taste something with a tutti-fruity flavor.
  5. Locations:
    1. Taiwan, Tanzania, Tennessee, Texas, Thailand, Tonga, and Turkey.
    2. Find the above locations on a map.
    3. Where might a tidal wave hit?
  6. Music:
    1. Tenor, tempo, time, timpani, tremolo, triplet, triangles, trombone, trumpets, and tuba.
    2. Watch someone dance a two-step dance.
  7. Plants:
    1. Trees: Tasmanian cedars, teak,and trumpet.
    2. Tamarack, taro, tarragon, thistle, thyme, tiger lily, tobacco, trillium, tuberose, and tulip.
    3. What type of flowers do you like.
  8. Other:
    1. Circle the letter T,t in an old newspaper or magazine.
    2. Look for the letter T,t on signs while riding in a car.
    3. Draw the letter T,t in sand.
    4. Find 5 things that start with the letter T,t
    5. Tell the temperature with a thermometer.
    6. Talk on a telephone.
    7. Spend time in a tent.
    8. Tell the time.
    9. Play on a team.
    10. Hit a target.
    11. Teach someone about your talent.
    12. Look for two taxicabs.
    13. Read the ten commandments.
    14. Play tennis.
    15. Wear tennis shoes.
    16. Take a test.
    17. Touch ten textures.
    18. Tie something tight.
    19. Play tick-tack-toe.
    20. Play tiddlywinks.
    21. Play a game of toss.
    22. Type on a computer.

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  1. Writephonics
  2. The Letter "Tt" Sound by Maple Leaf Learning
  3. The Letter "Tt" Sound by Turtlediary
  4. The Letter "Tt" Sound by

Suggested Reading

  1. Books
    1. Clifford's ABC, by Bridwell, Norman, Scholastic, 1983.
    2. Dr. Seuss's ABC, by Suess, Dr. Random House, 1963.
    3. Eating the Alphabet, by Ehlert, Lois Harcourt, Inc, 1989.
    4. Find Your ABC, by Scarry, Richard, Sterling, 2008.
    5. My "t" Sound Box, by Moncure, Jane Belk, The Child's World, 2009.
  2. Scriptures
    1. Teach, Taught
      1. Palms 86:11; 90:12
      2. Proverbs 9:9
      3. Mark 4:2
    2. Temple
      1. 1 Corinthians 3:17
      2. Matthew 24:1
      3. 2 Nephi 5:16*
    3. Tithing
      1. Nehemiah 10:38
      2. 2 Chronicles 31:6
      3. D&C 64:23*
    4. Tomb
      1. Matthew 27:60
      2. Mark 6:29
    5. Trust
      1. Psalms 22:4
      2. Proverbs 28:25
      3. 2 Nephi 4:34*

*LDS Scripture