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  1. Animals:
    1. Rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, rattlesnake, sting ray, red bird, red pandas, raven, reef shark, reindeer, roach, and roadrunners.
    2. Draw pictures of the animals above.
    3. What animals might a rancher have on a ranch.
    4. What animals might a ranger see on a range.
    5. Use a fishing rod to reel in a fish.
  2. Art:
    1. Make the letter R,r with Play Doe or clay.
    2. Make the letter R,r with toothpicks or other type of sticks.
    3. Decorate a round rock.
    4. Make a rug out of old rags.
    5. Remodel something.
    6. Make something using ribbon.
    7. Make something using rope.
    8. Use rubber stamps.
    9. Color something with one or more of the following colors: radical red, raspberry, red; reddish-brown, orange or violet, redwood, rich colored, robin egg blue, rose, royal blue, ruby, ruddy pink, russet, and rust. .
  3. Body:
    1. Radius, reflects, ribs, and ring finger.
    2. Wear a round ring around your ring finger.
    3. Rest and relax.
    4. Learn your residential address.
    5. Use your right hand.
  4. Food:
    1. Radish, raisins, raman noodles, raspberries, ravioli, raw foods, red apple, red meat, relish, rhubarb, rice, roast, roll, rolled oats, rutabaga, and rye bread.
    2. Look for the letter R,r in alphabet noodles, soup or cereal.
    3. Make the letter R,r with cookie doe.
    4. Make the letter R,r using a cooked spaghetti noodle.
    5. Draw the letter R,r in uncooked jello poured on a plate.
    6. Eat a ripe red apple.
    7. Get something out of the refrigerator.
    8. Eat at a restaurant.
    9. Eat rocky road candy or ice cream.
    10. Drink some root beer.
    11. Eat a rump roast.
    12. Make round raisin cookies.
  5. Locations:
    1. Red Sea, Rhode Island, Romania, Rotterdam, and Russia.
    2. Find the above locations on a map.
    3. Tell where you have seen a rainbow.
    4. Where does the sun rise?
  6. Music:
    1. Radio, rapido, record, recorder, rest, rhythm, ritardando, rubato, and a musical run.
    2. Listen to rock and roll music on the radio.
    3. Attend a recital.
    4. Find something that has been recorded.
  7. Plants:
    1. Trees: Redbud, redwood, royal palm, and rubber.
    2. Raspberry, red currant, red hot pepper, rhododendron, rhubarb, rose, and rosemary.
    3. Pull up the roots of weeds.
  8. Other:
    1. Circle the letter R,r in an old newspaper or magazine.
    2. Look for the letter R,r on signs while riding in a car.
    3. Draw the letter R,r in sand.
    4. Find 5 things that start with the letter R,r
    5. Use a rubber band.
    6. Ride a roller coaster.
    7. Recycle something.
    8. Run a race.
    9. Read or tell a rhyme or a riddle.
    10. Wear a round ring on your ring finger.
    11. Find a round rock.
    12. Read.
    13. Reorganize a rack.
    14. Repair something.
    15. Watch a rerun.
    16. Research something and give a report on what you learned.
    17. Skim a rock in water and watch the ripples.
    18. Rest and relax.
    19. Find five things that are round.
    20. Use a ruler.

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  1. Writephonics
  2. The Letter "Rr" Sound by Bounce Patrol Kids
  3. The Letter "Rr" Sound by Turtlediary
  4. The Letter "Rr" Sound by ABCmouse.com

Suggested Reading

  1. Books
    1. Clifford's ABC, by Bridwell, Norman, Scholastic, 1983.
    2. Dr. Seuss's ABC, by Suess, Dr. Random House, 1963.
    3. Eating the Alphabet, by Ehlert, Lois Harcourt, Inc, 1989.
    4. Find Your ABC, by Scarry, Richard, Sterling, 2008.
    5. My "r" Sound Box, by Moncure, Jane Belk, The Child's World, 2009.
  2. Scriptures
    1. Rain
      1. Zechariah 10:1
      2. Deuteronomy 11:14
      3. Joel 2:23
      4. 2 Nephi 15:6*
    2. Rainbow
      1. Revelations 4:3, 10:1
    3. Respect
      1. Psalms 138:6
      2. Philippians 4:11
      3. Alma 16:14*
    4. Rest
      1. Exodus 23:12; 34:21
      2. 1 Chronicles 22:9
      3. Acts 2:26
      4. Alma 40:12*
    5. Rich
      1. Proverbs 13:7; 28:6,20
      2. 2 Corinthians 8:9
      3. Mark 10:25
      4. 2 Nephi 9:30*

*LDS Scripture