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  1. Animals:
    1. Panda, parakeet, parrot, peacock, pelican, penquin, pig, pigeon, polar bear, pony, poodle, porcupine, porpoise, prairie dog, puppy, and python.
    2. Draw pictures of the animals above.
    3. Take care of a pet.
    4. Tell what animals would be in a pasture.
    5. Tell what animals have paws.
  2. Art:
    1. Make the letter P,p with Play Doe or clay.
    2. Make the letter P,p with toothpicks or other type of sticks.
    3. Carve or decorate a pumpkin.
    4. Punch holes in a paper and make a design.
    5. Paint a picture.
    6. Make a pattern with a pen or pencil on a pad of paper.
    7. Paste two things together.
    8. Prepare a poster.
    9. Sharpen the point of a pencil.
    10. Color something with one or more of the following colors: pale colored, pansy purple, Paris green, pastel colored, peach, peach puff, pear, pearl, periwinkle, Persian blue or red, phlox, piggy pink, pink, pistachio, platinum, plum, powdered blue, prune, psychedelic colored, pumpkin, and purple.
  3. Body:
    1. Palm of hand, pale skin, pancreas, patella, pelvis, phalanges, pigment, pituitary gland, pulse, and pupil.
    2. What body parts do you have pairs of?
    3. Tell why you might feel pain.
    4. Practice good posture.
    5. How many pounds do you weigh?
    6. Feel your pulse.
  4. Food:
    1. Pancake, papaya, Parmesan cheese, parsley, parsnip, passion fruit, pasta, pastry, peas, peach, peanuts, peanut butter, pear, bell pepper, pepper, persimmons, pickle, pizza, pickle, pie, pineapple, pistachio, plum, pomegranate, popcorn, pork, pot pie, potatos, pound cake, and pumpkin.
    2. Look for the letter P,p in alphabet noodles, soup or cereal.
    3. Make the letter P,p with cookie doe.
    4. Make the letter P,p using a cooked spaghetti noodle.
    5. Draw the letter P,p in uncooked jello poured on a plate.
    6. Drink some pop, or punch.
    7. Peal a potato.
    8. Pack a lunch.
    9. Eat something that is palatable.
    10. Cook something in a pan.
    11. Make a pastry.
    12. Serve something on a platter.
    13. Pick a place for a picnic.
    14. Eat a piece of pie.
    15. Place your food on a plate.
  5. Locations:
    1. Pacific Ocean, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Paris, Pennsylvania, Philippines, Poland, Polynesia, Portugal, and Puerto Rico..
    2. Find the above locations on a map.
    3. Learn about planets.
    4. Learn about the planet Pluto.
  6. Music:
    1. Percussion, piano, pianissimo, piccolo, pipe organ, pizzicato, poco, and prelude..
    2. Practoce playing an instrument.
  7. Plants:
    1. Trees: Palm, peach, pear, pecan, pine, pistachio, plum, pussy willow, and poplar.
    2. Paprika, parsley, peanut, pennyroyal, peppergrass, peppermint, perennial, poinsettia, poison ivy, poppy, passion flower, peony, periwinkle, petunia, plantain.
    3. Plant something in a pail or a pot.
    4. Pick a plants flowers.
  8. Other:
    1. Circle the letter P,p in an old newspaper or magazine.
    2. Look for the letter P,p on signs while riding in a car.
    3. Draw the letter P,p in sand.
    4. Find 5 things that start with the letter P,p
    5. Play at a park.
    6. Put a puzzle together.
    7. Play and paddle in a pool.
    8. Put pennies in a piggy bank.
    9. Pick up a package.
    10. Print a paragraph on a page about your personal life.
    11. Wear a pair of pajamas.
    12. Read a parable.
    13. Play on parallel bars.
    14. Do something perfectly to please your parents.
    15. Perform a part in a play.
    16. Participate with a partner at a party.
    17. Find out about your paternal grandparents.
    18. Be a peacemaker.
    19. Smell perfume.
    20. Put a pillowcase on a pillow.
    21. Play ping pong.
    22. Put pennies in your pocket so you can pay for a purchase.
    23. Ponder the purpose of life.

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Suggested Reading

  1. Books
    1. Clifford's ABC, by Bridwell, Norman, Scholastic, 1983.
    2. Dr. Seuss's ABC, by Suess, Dr. Random House, 1963.
    3. Eating the Alphabet, by Ehlert, Lois Harcourt, Inc, 1989.
    4. Find Your ABC, by Scarry, Richard, Sterling, 2008.
    5. My "p" Sound Box, by Moncure, Jane Belk, The Child's World, 2009.
  2. Scriptures
    1. Palm
      1. Ezekiel 41:18,19
      2. Isaiah 49:16
      3. Matthew 26:67
    2. Parent
      1. 2 Corinthians 12:14
      2. Alma 30:25*
      3. D&C 68:25*
    3. Patience
      1. Matthew 18:26,29
      2. 2 Peter 1:6
      3. Romans 8:25
    4. Pray, Prayer
      1. Nehemiah 1:11
      2. John 17:9
      3. 1Corinthians 14:15
    5. Promise
      1. 1 John 2:25
      2. 1 Kings 8:56
      3. 1 Alma 37:17*

*LDS Scripture