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alarm Clock

Alarm Clock




  1. Animals:
    1. Aardvark, albatross, alligator, alpaca, ant, or an antelope.
    2. Draw pictures of these animals: Aardvark, albatross, alligator, alpaca, ant, or an antelope.
    3. Make an ant farm.
  2. Art:
    1. Make the letter "A" "a" with Play Doe or clay.
    2. Make the letter "A" with toothpicks or other type of sticks.
    3. Make an abstract art piece.
    4. Color something with one or more of the following colors: almond, amber, apple green, apricot, aqua, army green, asparagus green or azure.
  3. Body:
    1. Abdomen, Adam's apple, ankle, and arms.
    2. Make a bracelet for your ankles or your arms.
    3. Exercise your abdomen, ankles and/or your arms.
  4. Food:
    1. Almonds, apples, applesauce, avocados, asparagas or artichokes.
    2. Look for the letter "A""a"in alphabet noodles, soup or cereal.
    3. Make the letter "A", "a" with cookie doe.
    4. Make the letter "A", "a" using pie crust and put it on top of a pie.
    5. Draw the letter "A", "a"in uncooked jello poured on a plate.
  5. Locations:
    1. Antartica, Austrailia, Africa, Alaska, Albania, Arizona, Arkansas, America, Argentina, or Armenia.
    2. Use an atlas.
  6. Music:
    1. Accent, accompnay, accordian, acoustic guitar, alto and althorn.
    2. Listen to someone playing an accordian on the internet.
    3. Listen to the song "Angels We Have Heard on High".
  7. Plants:
    1. Trees: Almond tree, apple tree, apricot tree, and aspen tree.
    2. Acacia, acorn, amaranth, aaryllis, anemone, anise and aster.
  8. Other:
    1. Learn how to use an abacus.
    2. Circle the letter "A", "a" in an old newspaper or magazine.
    3. Look for the letter "A", "a" on signs while riding in a car.
    4. Draw the letter "A", "a" in sand.
    5. Find 5 things that start with the letter "A"
    6. Go for a ride in an automobile.
    7. Act something out.
    8. Name five things above you.
    9. Learn your address.
    10. Shoot an arrow.

Suggested Videos

  1. Writephonics
  2. Letter A Short Sound by Nellie and Ned
  3. Letter A Short Sound Song by Kizphonics.com

Suggested Reading

  1. Books
    1. Clifford's ABC, by Bridwell, Norman, Scholastic, 1983.
    2. Dr. Seuss's ABC, by Suess, Dr. Random House, 1963.
    3. Eating the Alphabet, by Ehlert, Lois Harcourt, Inc, 1989.
    4. Find Your ABC, by Scarry, Richard, Sterling, 2008.
    5. My "a" Sound Box, by Moncure, Jane Belk, The Child's World, 2009.
  2. Scriptures
    1. Abel
      1. Genesis 4:2
      2. Moses 5:17*
    2. Abraham
      1. Genesis 22:11; 18:33; 25:10
      2. John 8:39
    3. Altar
      1. Exodus 29:37; 40:10
      2. Samuel 14:35
    4. Angel(s)
      1. Revelation 12:7
      2. Luke 1:30
      3. 1 Nephi 12:19*
    5. Ark
      1. Genesis 7:7,9,13,15; 8:6
      2. 1 Peter 3:20
      3. JS Matthew 1:42*

*LDS Scripture